Use the iPhone as wireless Webcam

Macworld Keynote predictions

Keynote Vorher­sagen from NEROTUNES / NEROWINGER on Vimeo. via Nero

Phone Calls with iPod Touch

How to con­vert an iPod Touch into an iPhone:

If u think u r surrounded by idiots, …

if u think u r sur­round­ed by idiots, u r prob­a­bly just an ass­hole via Mar­shal­lk

Igor Eskinja: Made In:side, 2006

I park like an Idiot

any vol­un­teers? it’s a ques­tion of style… via hrhein­gold

Twitter — Instant message into the Cloud

One of the best def­i­n­i­tions of twit­ter I heard so far comes from Mike Butch­er, the British voice of Techcrunch. IM can’t do what Twit­ter does. You can’t instant mes­sage into “the cloud”. With Twit­ter you can. You can shout or whis­per what­ev­er you want to say out into the ether and any­one online can hear you.

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