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Italian-style Starbucks

One very offline business idea came into my mind: You all know Starbucks. Starbucks entered a overcrowded market (you got your coffee nearly everywhere) with a commodity product (coffee). The result: they are exremely successfull and are running 13.000+ stores worldwide. In Europe, especially in Germany, Italian food is ubiquitous – here in Munich we have hundreds of little pizza restaurants and Italian coffee bars. I think it’s time for

MacWorld vs CES

The Danger of Blogging

Advertising provokes Premium Users

In December 2007 Xing, a German social network, announced to show display advertising to add another revenue stream to their premium user fees. With the beginning of January 2008 the ads have been displayed. For all users, free accounts as well as premium accounts. Many (2500?) premium users seem to be in a rage and have begun to express their anger in forums and blogs, as well as in Xing

If you print this, I will kill you!

Israeli entrepreneur Yossi Vardi is one of the few really cool VC people in this world. Best known for having sold ICQ to AOL during those times everybody had a lot of cash, and not known for his social projects where he is donating money and time. Threatening the Economist’s journalist with death should be taken with a pinch of salt – but he make a very good point: those

YiGG in Top 10 Social Web Players Germany

Heya! Tim Rohrer from centernetworks.com added YiGG to the 10 Top Social Web Players in Germany – even with anachronistic October 07 numbers… Thanks man ­čśë

Invisible Children of Uganda

Difficult customers trigger service quality

Returning from a relaxing wellness-weekend in Austria I am still wondering about the complaints of the hotel owner (aged about 40) this morning during breakfast: “In earlier days our guests were a lot more easy going. No complaints about dinners, the kind of music played at ceremonial occasions, etc. Nowadays most of them dislike this and that, want to change the menues and do not return for holidays if they


Hier eine Auswahl an allgemeinverst├Ąndlich verfassten, von uns gelesenen und empfohlenen B├╝chern ├╝ber die Neuprogrammierung von K├Ârper und Geist:

Neustart im Kopf: Wie sich unser Gehirn selbst repariert, Norman Doidge

Rewire Your Brain , John B. Arden

The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge

The Body Builders, Adam Piore

Der Ern├Ąhrungskompass, Bas Kast

The Way We Eat Now, Bee Wilson

Dein Gehirn weiss mehr als Du denkst, Niels Birbaumer

Mindfulness, Ellen J. Langer

Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani

Alt werden ohne alt zu sein, Rudi Westendorp

Altered Traits, Daniel Coleman, Richard Davidson

The Brain’s Way Of Healing, Norman Doidge

The Last Best Cure, Donna Jackson Nakazawa

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust, John Coates

The Inner Game of Tennis, W. Timothy Gallway

Running Lean, Ash Maurya

Schlaf wirkt Wunder, Hans-G├╝nther Wee├č

Sleep – Schlafen wie die Profis, Nick Littlehales

Zus├Ątzlich empfehlen wir das Interview mit Dr. Norman Doidge
How the brain heals


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