The Next Big Thing? Neuroplasticity.

I’ve had two personal Eureka moments right after another, just recently. You know these moments: suddenly it’s all crystal-clear – and the main question is why you just did not realize it before. First, for me it’s a foregone conclusion that the blockchain is the biggest and most valuable technological innovation. If you’re interested in that stuff you can find my argument on Datarella

On the private side, I have invested months of reading and learning about what I think is the biggest discovery for mankind in a long time: neuroplasticity and neurogenesis – i.e. the ability of human beings to rewire their brains and generate new neutrons in any phase of their lives. For me, words cannot nearly describe the effects neuroplasticity will have: Until 1995, scientists believed that the brain was hard-wired and there was no new generation of neurons. Wrong. Simply wrong. It’s the other way round: neuroplasticity and neurogenesis mean that people with significant neuronal problems can get rid of them and everybody can enhance his or her mental and physical abilities many times more than initially imagined.

To start your neuroplasticity learning experience you might watch this conversation with Dr. Norman Doidge:

Being an entrepreneur by heart, I had to give this conviction a shape. My readings, online courses and some visits to meetups and conferences addressing neuroplasticity from a more general perspective, I started building a network of experts acting as neuroplasticity  – or – neuroplastic coaches – each expert in her proper field of expertise. Neuroplasticity is based on four activities of your daily living: sleep, exercise/sports, diet and meditation.

The very first step has been setting up the Rewire Your Brain website with some initial content and a basic neuroplastic coaching programme as a first offering. Since the program is targeted to the German market, all contents are in German language, for the time being. Due to the fact that Rewire Your Brain has to be set up among my businesses it takes its time. But I have had some very promising discussions with potential future neuroplastic coaches and will have many more in the last weeks of this year. My plan is to start with the first neuroplastic coaching program after some friends and I have run through the program ourselves in spring, 2017.

If you are interested in participating in REWIRE I’d be more than happy to hear from you!

If you want to read and learn more about neuroplasticity, here’s my recommendations short list:

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