Just Do It!

If I want to drink something, I do it. If I want to go to bed, I do it. If I want to listen to the music, I do it. If I want to go out for dinner, I do it. if I want to see my friends, I do it. If I want to […]

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Connecting The Dots

The days between X-Mas and New Year’s Eve are somewhat special for me: formally, I decide not to work, and most part of the day that’s true. But since I have been an entrepreneur all my life, there’s no distinct line between business and non-business, these days provide the time for reflections – how was […]

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Acceptance, joy and enthusiasm

A few days ago I saw a photo of a burning giant 2016 symbol on Twitter. For many of us there’s no need for explanation: this year’s major events seemingly justify to regard 2016 as a lost year. And from each single event’s perspective that may be true. Alas!  Should we really burn 2016? Of […]

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The next big thing? Neuroplasticity.

I’ve had two personal Eureka moments right after another, just recently. You know these moments: suddenly it’s all crystal-clear – and the main question is why you just did not realize it before. First, for me it’s a foregone conclusion that the blockchain is the biggest and most valuable technological innovation. If you’re interested in […]

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The Paradigm Shift

The only human being who wants change is a toddlers who needs a new diaper. This bonmot is especially true if change is fundamental, if something substantial is changing, if a paradigm shifts. Now and then, things, technologies, perspectives change dramatically. If you happen to work in an industry experiencing such a change, consider yourself […]

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Don”t quote Buddha, be Buddha!

Don”t panic – this headline is much less esoteric as you might think. It came to my mind today, when I saw many people mourning the death of musician David Bowie, quoting him throughout the day. For this post, David Bowie”s death and the universal reactions to it are very well suited to explain my […]

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Changing perspectives

Today, I learned something important. In theory it should be an open secret but realizing that I can use this insight as a practical tool in everyday’s communications was like a Heureka for me. It’s about changing perspectives. A few weeks ago, my business partners and I decided to cooperate with another team to jointly […]

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