Everything Happens For A Reason

There are many ways of interpreting the things that happen in our lives. For me, there is no such thing as chance, but everything happens for a specific reason.

Good and bad things alike, have helped me to understand my environment better and to improve the quality of my life. It’s not that I’d be looking for bad things to happen or that I I’d be explicitly happy when they occur but I have learned to accept them as something that becomes a part of my life and that teaches me something.

The more I have learned to cope with bad things and to turn a resulting negative energy in acceptance, or, even better, in positive energy, I’m wondering about many people around me seemingly struggling with that. Time and again I overhear people lamenting about ‘huge’problems that rather sound as negligible trivia to my ears. It seems that some people’s main problem is that their problems are too small.

Life Hack: Make Yourself Smaller

It does not necessarily work all the time but it works immediately and unconditionally: if I accept bad things that happen as a matter of fact and then decide whether to only accept it, change the situation or leave it, my actions become cooler and smarter. I don’t feel stressed. Instead, I concentrate on what to do and start taking action immediately: I don’t resist, I don’t judge and I don’t inhere. And it doesn’t take much to act in this way. The only thing I have to keep in mind: I have to remember this life hack in the very beginning of each bad situation and to start applying it immediately.

A good example of a ‘huge’ problem would be some traffic situation, when another driver honks and flips you the bird. A typical reflexive action would be to do the same or retaliate in a seemingly more powerful way. Instead, remember the above and try this: smile and don’t react at all. Or: excuse yourself and wave to him in an obviously apologetic way. Try not to make yourself more powerful than him but less, more humble.

This will result in two effects: the other person will calm down and you yourself experience a weird feeling of inner peace: if you make yourself lesser, or smaller, you will in fact experience the opposite feeling of being grown, instead. This life hack has helped me in many situations that otherwise could have been escalated. If you make yourself smaller in order not to escalate potential problems you learn to deal with these situations in an easy and elegant way. That ability definitely improves your overall quality of life.

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