Michael Reuter

I have been an entrepreneur all my life – I love to create and build companies out of nothing and to prove that some of my crazy ideas actually come to fruition.

I am co-founder and CEO of Datarella, RAAY and Crowdstart Capital, all of them outlets we explore the blockchain ecosystem with.

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Together with my colleagues, I also run BalticDataScience, our development office in Gdansk, Poland, and CodeLegit, a dispute resolution offering in the field of technical compliance.

REWIRE is my hobby based on personal experiences.

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As Co-Chairman of the European Blockchain Association e.V. I support the EBA in synchronising and leveraging blockchain-related activities throughout Europe.

As Co-Chairman of the Blockchain Arbitration Forum e.V. I support the BAF in co-creating legally compliant technology.

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In 2010, I co-founded AppAdvisors, an app consulting and development company that was sold to Bertelsmann in 2016. In 2006, I co-founded YiGG, an independent German social news aggregator, that I sold in 2011. In 1993, I co-founded arsmovendi.com (later travelgate AG), one of the first online travel agencies in Germany, later sold to telegate AG.

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This is my private blog that I originally started in January 2008 and that I refurbished in 2014, and in 2018. I live in Munich, together with my wife and our two kids.

I write about things I think are important, which, in most cases, translates into non-business stuff, since business is only one of many important aspects of life. You find more business-related content in the news sections of my companies’ websites mentioned in the navigation bar.

If you think we should connect, feel free to contact me via LinkedIn. If you want to share something with me you can send me an email or reach out to me on Twitter.

Michael Reuter
Steinkirchner Strasse 31
81475 Munich
mail (at) michaelreuter (dot) net