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If I want to drink some­thing, I do it. If I want to go to bed, I do it. If I want to lis­ten to music, I do it. If I want to go out for din­ner, I do it. if I want to see my friends, I do it. If I want to play a back­hand top­spin, I do it. If I want to launch a new web­site, I do it. If I want to start a new com­pa­ny, I do it. If I want to avoid insol­ven­cy, I do

Entrepreneurs — The Can-Do Guys

Hav­ing been an entre­pre­neur for over 20 years, I did not have to think twice to agree becom­ing a men­tor of Founder Insti­tute’s Munich chap­ter in 2013. When FI direc­tor Jan Kennedy dis­cussed the first semes­ter with me, I had a flash­back to the times of my first start­up: a trav­el agency which mor­phed into one of Ger­many’s first online trav­el agen­cies ever in 1995. In those days, my co-founder and I did not have any



The Mind­ful Rev­o­lu­tion, Michael Reuter

Die Acht­same Rev­o­lu­tion, Michael Reuter

The Idea of the Brain, Matthew

Essen Ändert Alles, Hol­ger Stromberg

How Con­ta­gion Works, Paolo Gior­dano

Rewire Your Brain , John B. Arden

The Way of the Ice­man, Koen de Jong

Soft Wired — How The New Sci­ence of Brain Plas­tic­i­ty Can Change Your Life, Michael Merzenich

The Brain That Changes Itself, Nor­man Doidge

Lifes­pan, David Sin­clair

What Does­n’t Kill Us, Scott Car­ney

Suc­cess­ful Aging, Daniel Levithin

The Body Builders, Adam Piore

Der Ernährungskom­pass, Bas Kast

The Way We Eat Now, Bee Wil­son

Dein Gehirn weiss mehr als Du denkst, Niels Bir­baumer

Denken: Wie das Gehirn Bewusst­sein schafft, Stanis­las Dehaene

Mind­ful­ness, Ellen J. Langer

Full Cat­a­stro­phe Liv­ing, Jon Kabat-Zinn

100 Plus: How The Com­ing Age of Longevi­ty Will Change Every­thing, Sonia Arri­son

Think­ing Like A Plant, Craig Hol­dredge

Die Glück­shy­pothese, Jonathan Haidt

Mind Over Med­i­cine, Lissa Rankin

Das Geheime Wis­sen unser­er Zellen, Son­dra Bar­ret

The Code of the Extra­or­di­nary Mind, Vishen Lakhi­ani

Alt wer­den ohne alt zu sein, Rudi Wes­t­en­dorp

Altered Traits, Daniel Cole­man, Richard David­son

The Brain’s Way Of Heal­ing, Nor­man Doidge

The Last Best Cure, Donna Jack­son Nakaza­wa

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feel­ings and the Biol­o­gy of Boom and Bust, John Coates

The Inner Game of Ten­nis, W. Tim­o­thy Gall­way

Run­ning Lean, Ash Mau­rya

Schlaf wirkt Wun­der, Hans-Günther Weeß

Sleep — Schlafen wie die Profis, Nick Lit­tle­hales

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