12 Practices That Make Sense

It makes sense to… ⁃ start your day with a smile, ⁃ med­i­tate, ⁃ learn, ⁃ exer­cise, ⁃ drink water, cof­fee and a glass of wine, ⁃ eat less, ⁃ com­mu­ni­cate in a non-violent way ⁃ scru­ti­nize rules, ⁃ be cre­ative, ⁃ help, ⁃ lis­ten, and ⁃ make love.

The Mindful Revolution

Mankind seems to have reached a cross­roads. At envi­ron­men­tal, polit­i­cal, and eco­nom­i­cal lev­els more and more urgent haz­ard warn­ings appear. Man has to cope with this high-speed change, and there are many well-intended activ­i­ties already under way. How­ev­er, what we need to sur­vive exceeds fast-track res­cue plans and well-meant com­mu­ni­ty engage­ment. We have to bethink our­selves of our inher­ent abil­i­ties and lever­age our entire skill set — we need a Mind­ful Rev­o­lu­tion.

Connecting The Dots

The days between X‑Mas and New Year’s Eve are some­what spe­cial for me: for­mal­ly, I decide not to work, and most part of the day that’s true. But since I have been an entre­pre­neur all my life, there’s no dis­tinct line between busi­ness and non-business, these days pro­vide the time for reflec­tions — how was the past year? — and for thoughts about goals and instru­ments for the approach­ing next year. Most­ly,

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