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100,000 MOBIX App Downloads In First 4 Weeks

Wow! 100,000 MOBIX app down­loads with the first 4 weeks! That’s amaz­ing! Get­ting rewards for using micro­mo­bil­i­ty seems to go down well with our users! When I wrote the MOBIX Litepa­per, rough­ly one year ago, incen­tiviz­ing micro­mo­bil­i­ty was just an idea. To be pre­cise, it was well imag­in­able to put this idea into prac­tice, since we had devel­oped sev­er­al solu­tions that could be com­bined as to be used as the under­ly­ing foun­da­tion. Still,

Love Our New MOBIX Video: Get Instant Rewards for Saving CO2!

MOBIX rewards you for mov­ing around whilst avoid­ing CO2 emis­sions. For every dis­tance you cover by e‑scooter, bike, e‑bike, e‑moped, amongst other zero-emission vehi­cles, or even by foot, you are reward­ed with MOBIX Reward tokens! MOBIX not only rewards you with real value — it brings togeth­er your way of eco-friendly move­ment with context-relevant spe­cials around — and just for — you! And it does this in a 100% privacy-preserving way,

Data Is The New Oil — Monetizing Data On The MOBIX Marketplace

Where does the money come from? You don‘t have to have a mas­ter in busi­ness admin­is­tra­tion or eco­nom­ics to know that every prod­uct, ser­vice, or project needs some­one who pays for it. Although one could get the the impres­sion that in cryp­toland, money could be eas­i­ly print­ed based on hot air, typ­i­cal­ly, it has to be earned some­how. That‘s why we have a prop­er busi­ness model as a foun­da­tion­al layer of MOBIX – the

MOBIX Marketplace: Contextualized, Privacy-Preserving Marketing

Micro­mo­bil­i­ty is a high­ly dynam­ic affair: in urban areas, hun­dreds of thou­sands of res­i­dents ride their scoot­ers, eBikes, cargo bike, or tiny EVs every day. They do it for leisure, as well as for busi­ness pur­pos­es. They trans­port them­selves, other peo­ple, gro­ceries and other goods. City coun­cil infor­ma­tion mam­age­ment depart­ments can use the mas­sive amount of trans­porta­tion data to enhance traf­fic flows, opti­miz­ing their urban­i­sa­tion efforts towards more eco-friendly, liv­able cities.

MOBIX – The Marketplace For Incentivized Micromobility

In Europe and many other parts of the world, the COVID-19 pan­dem­ic has been eas­ing its grip on soci­ety, late­ly. Encour­ag­ing data in coun­tries with high vac­ci­na­tion rates makes us think for­ward and plan for a post-pandemic future with more mobil­i­ty, social gath­er­ings, and a reclaimed high­er qual­i­ty of liv­ing. That’s why we have launched our new MOBIX Micro­mo­bil­i­ty Mar­ket­place web­site. MOBIX sup­ports a spe­cif­ic cat­e­go­ry of mobil­i­ty and a gen­er­al lifestyle aimed at

Next Level Business Model Innovation — The Decentralized Network GAIA‑X Could Become

Accord­ing to BCG, Busi­ness model inno­va­tion is the art of enhanc­ing advan­tage and value cre­ation by mak­ing simultaneous—and mutu­al­ly supportive—changes both to an orga­ni­za­tion’s value propo­si­tion to cus­tomers and its under­ly­ing oper­at­ing model. Pro­fes­sors Giro­tra and Netes­sine, econ­o­mists of Cor­nell and Whar­ton uni­ver­si­ties, have pre­sent­ed a frame­work for iden­ti­fy­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties and becom­ing sys­tem­at­ic about the process of tak­ing busi­ness model inno­va­tion to the level of a reli­able and improv­able dis­ci­pline. Since busi­ness model

Transforming Traceable Donations Into Open SmartAid Blockchain

Over at Datarel­la, our team is happy to announce the lat­est achieve­ment of its Trace­able Dona­tions project Smar­tAid. Smar­tAid has evolved into an open dona­tion blockchain for world­wide char­i­ty projects from a single-project appli­ca­tion: From trace­able dona­tions app Smar­tAid to open dona­tion blockchain. This move from one spe­cif­ic project to more diverse projects allow for many and diverse dona­tions by donors. As sim­ple and intu­itive, it has been to donate to the

M‑ZONE — An Open, Decentralized, Self-Sovereign Smart City Infrastructure Solution

Hav­ing worked for more than 5 years on Blockchain solu­tions and prod­ucts with my com­pa­ny Datarel­la, it makes me feel quite con­fi­dent that either Blockchain is one of the most dis­rupt­ing tech­nolo­gies of our times and that Datarel­la has done a tremen­dous job in devel­op­ing that space. At the cen­ter of our work always have been prac­ti­cal ben­e­fits for clients and part­ners. With our lat­est project M‑ZONE, we are mov­ing for­ward to

SmartAid — Datarella Launches The World’s First Blockchain-Based Donations App

Yes­ter­day, Datarel­la and YOU Foun­da­tion have launched Smar­tAid, the first dig­i­tal dona­tion app that allows for trace­able dona­tions based on blockchain tech­nol­o­gy. Smar­tAid offers imme­di­ate sup­port in cri­sis sit­u­a­tions and lets its donors track their dona­tions until they reached ben­e­fi­cia­ries. SmartAid’s first project is “Clean Water for West Africa”, a char­i­ty project ini­ti­at­ed and man­aged by YOU Foun­da­tion, led by UNESCO Spe­cial Ambas­sador Dr. h.c. Ute-Henriette Ohoven. Why Donat­ing Must Be

Traceable Accounting - Blockchain-Based Automated Real-time Accounting

Traceable Accounting – Blockchain-Based Automated Real-Time Accounting

Faced with the immi­nent Wire­card account­ing scan­dal, and an appar­ent lack of dili­gence by audit firms, reg­u­la­to­ry bod­ies, and the gov­ern­ment have real­ized that finan­cial account­ing must be improved sig­nif­i­cant­ly. How­ev­er, pre­vi­ous improve­ments in finan­cial account­ing were aimed at an inten­si­fi­ca­tion of finan­cial con­trols that, in turn, led cor­po­ra­tions to inten­si­fy their inter­nal book­keep­ing cre­ativ­i­ty, and, con­se­quent­ly, to lim­it­ed pos­i­tive results. How­ev­er, we need some­thing dif­fer­ent: We need Trace­able Account­ing ‑Blockchain-based auto­mat­ed real-time

Die Achtsame Revolution

Die Achtsame Revolution — German Version of The Mindful Revolution

I’m very happy to announce the pub­li­ca­tion of Die Acht­same Rev­o­lu­tion — the Ger­man ver­sion of The Mind­ful Rev­o­lu­tion. The book is avail­able as an eBook for Kin­dle Read­er and apps as well as in a paper­back ver­sion. Hav­ing received first feed­back after the launch of The Mind­ful Rev­o­lu­tion, it became clear that I would trans­late it and pub­lish a Ger­man ver­sion, too. Due to many tech­ni­cal terms, most of the neuroscientific

Conspiracy Theories — The Fairy Tales Of Today

Every child loves fairy tales. When the princess is ter­ror­ized by an insid­i­ous step­moth­er, unbe­knownst to her father, the King, or when a poor man finds rich­ness at the end of a chal­leng­ing jour­ney. Fairy tales help to bet­ter under­stand a very com­plex real­i­ty by means of sim­pli­fi­ca­tion and by mix­ing known, real ele­ments — s.a. chil­dren, par­ents, or the work of a baker, with fic­tions, unknown ele­ments, such as magi­cians, witch­es, or hyperbolical



The Mind­ful Rev­o­lu­tion, Michael Reuter

Die Acht­same Rev­o­lu­tion, Michael Reuter

The Idea of the Brain, Matthew Cobb

The Great Men­tal Mod­els I, Shane Parrish

Sim­ple Rules, Don­ald Sull, Kath­leen M. Eisenhardt

Mit Igno­ran­ten reden, Peter Modler

Noise, Daniel Kahnemann

Sci­ence and Tech­nol­o­gy of Grow­ing Young, Sergey Young

The Secret Lan­guage of Cells, Jon Lieff

The Biggest Bluff, Maria Konnikova

Evo­lu­tion of Desire: A Life of René Girard, Cyn­thia L. Haven

Grasp: The Sci­ence Trans­form­ing How We Learn, San­jay Sarma

Essen Ändert Alles, Hol­ger Stromberg

Essen für den Kopf, Christof Kessler

The Oxy­gen Advan­tage, Patrick McKeown

Rewire Your Brain , John B. Arden

The Way of the Ice­man, Koen de Jong

Soft Wired — How The New Sci­ence of Brain Plas­tic­i­ty Can Change Your Life, Michael Merzenich

The Brain That Changes Itself, Nor­man Doidge

Lifes­pan, David Sinclair

Das Ende des Alterns, David Sinclair

What Does­n’t Kill Us, Scott Carney

Suc­cess­ful Aging, Daniel Levithin

Der Ernährungskom­pass, Bas Kast

The Way We Eat Now, Bee Wilson

Dein Gehirn weiss mehr als Du denkst, Niels Birbaumer

Denken: Wie das Gehirn Bewusst­sein schafft, Stanis­las Dehaene

Mind­ful­ness, Ellen J. Langer

Full Cat­a­stro­phe Liv­ing, Jon Kabat-Zinn

100 Plus: How The Com­ing Age of Longevi­ty Will Change Every­thing, Sonia Arrison

Think­ing Like A Plant, Craig Holdredge

Die Glück­shy­pothese, Jonathan Haidt

Mind Over Med­i­cine, Lissa Rankin

Das Geheime Wis­sen unser­er Zellen, Son­dra Barret

The Code of the Extra­or­di­nary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani

Alt wer­den ohne alt zu sein, Rudi Westendorp

Altered Traits, Daniel Cole­man, Richard Davidson

The Brain’s Way Of Heal­ing, Nor­man Doidge

The Last Best Cure, Donna Jack­son Nakazawa

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feel­ings and the Biol­o­gy of Boom and Bust, John Coates

The Inner Game of Ten­nis, W. Tim­o­thy Gallway

Run­ning Lean, Ash Maurya

Schlaf wirkt Wun­der, Hans-Günther Weeß

Sleep — Schlafen wie die Profis, Nick Littlehales