DLD Munich

Today DLD in Munich start­ed. Hubert Burda, Jossi Vardi, Mar­tin Sor­rell, Joe Schoen­dorf and Richard Wur­man opened the con­fer­ence with some per­spec­tives on the (dig­i­tal) future. While Sir Mar­tin was very pes­simistic about the future for West­ern Europe and would go to Bejing or Shang­hai being 25 agin, Joe Schoen­dorf remind­ed the audi­ence of the 1980s, when Sil­i­con Val­ley was regard­ed as the Detroit for the IT indus­try.

That was a fine start — then had many inter­est­ing con­ver­sa­tions with a very broad mix of peo­ple which is some­what unusu­al for a tech con­fer­ence.

In the evening we had bavarian-style din­ner in the Hof­bräuhaus. All blog­gers, but every­one with a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive on the blog­ging topic.

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