Microsoft and Yahoo – that makes sense indeed

Today Microsoft announced a $44 billion bid for Yahoo – either in a friendly or unfriendly takover transaction. Within minutes twitter and blogs have been full of comments on that announcement – nowadays it can be assumed that twitter users know theses things before most Yahoo employees do.

Interestingly most comments in the German blogosphere or the old media have come with negative headlines and mocking undertones, like:

“Zwei angezählte Riesen heiraten

and focused on MS/Yahoo’s position against Google. US-based reactions have been more positively and significantly more differentiated.

For me a merger of MS and Yahoo would be the perfect match. Microsoft’s business model needs this shift towards advertising. All at once Microsoft would generate license fees and advertising revenues. Besides – on the software side they clearly outperform Google which has tried to strengthen their licensing business in the last months. So I am definetely no Windows user but this marriage with Yahoo would transform an ageing software-licensing entity into a modern media company with a solid business model.

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