UGC Day at Schloss Hohenkammer

Dscf1829_3 Guess who invited to today’s User Generated Content day at the picturesque Schloss Hohenkammer near Munich? It was KPMG – yes this KPMG. They even sent a corporate bus with about ten employees who apparently were happy with half a day off. Seven hours packed with interesting panels and high-profile speakers were worth it!


First, Sven Gabor Janszky described a typical day in 2017, when we all will consume media in a totally different way as we are used to it today. Then LMU-Professor Hess showed some interesting findings concering user motivation to participate in the web 2.0. After these more theoretical parts Sefan Winners of Tomorrow Focus AG beamed with joy presenting the numbers of Europe’s biggest hotel rating portal holidaycheck. And then Ibo Evsan of the videoportal sevenload surprised the old media audience with the notification of a speedy death of the old television business models. Ibo simply yelled that message down from the lectern – so we wake up and could start the coffee break.


After some tasty bavarian cakes Tobias Oswald, CEO of SevenOne Intermedia, Sacha Tueni of Vodafone Marketing, Claas van Delden, VP Holtzbrinck Networks, and Patrick Warnking, Head of Media and Entertainment Google Germany, held short but informative presentations about their web 2.0 strategies. Vodafone does not seem to have any, ProsiebenSat.1 is consistenty adjusting theirs, Holtzbrinck is proud of StudiV and waits for the attack by Facebook (no, for sure they will not let Facebook buy them 😉 and Google asks itself why others aren’t familiar with the latest web 2.0 media strategies and gives some advice on that matter.




Afer the second break Terry von Bibra of Yahoo Germany and David Eicher had a hard time to keep the audience awake. Terry insisted that Yahoo Go would be a very user-friendly way of using mobile devices – he himself trusts the application concerning flight informations when he is late – and David asked the crowd for more trust in user generated content, a request which was accepted with distrust by the old media audience.


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