UGC Day at Schloss Hohenkammer

Guess who invit­ed to today’s User Gen­er­at­ed Con­tent day at the pic­turesque Schloss Hohenkam­mer near Munich? It was KPMG — yes this KPMG. They even sent a cor­po­rate bus with about ten employ­ees who appar­ent­ly were happy with half a day off. Seven hours packed with inter­est­ing pan­els and high-profile speak­ers were worth it!

First, Sven Gabor Jan­szky described a typ­i­cal day in 2017, when we all will con­sume media in a total­ly dif­fer­ent way as we are used to it today. Then LMU-Professor Hess showed some inter­est­ing find­ings con­cer­ing user moti­va­tion to par­tic­i­pate in the web 2.0. After these more the­o­ret­i­cal parts Sefan Win­ners of Tomor­row Focus AG beamed with joy pre­sent­ing the num­bers of Europe’s biggest hotel rat­ing por­tal hol­i­day­check. And then Ibo Evsan of the video­por­tal sev­en­load sur­prised the old media audi­ence with the noti­fi­ca­tion of a speedy death of the old tele­vi­sion busi­ness mod­els. Ibo sim­ply yelled that mes­sage down from the lectern — so we wake up and could start the cof­fee break.

After some tasty bavar­i­an cakes Tobias Oswald, CEO of SevenOne Inter­me­dia, Sacha Tueni of Voda­fone Mar­ket­ing, Claas van Delden, VP Holtzbrinck Net­works, and Patrick Warnk­ing, Head of Media and Enter­tain­ment Google Ger­many, held short but infor­ma­tive pre­sen­ta­tions about their web 2.0 strate­gies. Voda­fone does not seem to have any, ProsiebenSat.1 is con­sis­ten­ty adjust­ing theirs, Holtzbrinck is proud of Stu­diV and waits for the attack by Face­book (no, for sure they will not let Face­book buy them 😉 and Google asks itself why oth­ers aren’t famil­iar with the lat­est web 2.0 media strate­gies and gives some advice on that mat­ter.

Afer the sec­ond break Terry von Bibra of Yahoo Ger­many and David Eich­er had a hard time to keep the audi­ence awake. Terry insist­ed that Yahoo Go would be a very user-friendly way of using mobile devices — he him­self trusts the appli­ca­tion con­cern­ing flight infor­ma­tions when he is late — and David asked the crowd for more trust in user gen­er­at­ed con­tent, a request which was accept­ed with dis­trust by the old media audi­ence.

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