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Over this won­der­ful, relax­ing week­end I had the idea of a site full of new ideas and learn­ings. Imag­ine every­one who learns some­thing dur­ing the day tweets it on twit­ter, adds the hash­tag #ilt and con­tributes to an aggre­ga­tion of fan­tas­tic new ideas and every­day learn­ings!

Not being a devel­op­er (not even able to devel­op twit­ter bots) I had to help myself and find a workaround to imple­ment that idea. Ok — reg­is­tered a new twit­ter account ILT (I Learned Today) and the match­ing URL.

Now — if any­one of you is inter­est­ed to con­tribute to that small project — feel free to (open a twit­ter account,) fol­low ILT and add your daily learn­ings fol­lowed by the hash­tag #ilt. All your tweets will then be aggre­gat­ed on ilt.me. Would love to read your tweets!

2 Replies to “I Learned Today”

  1. Alexander Becker says:

    Die Idee ist super. Ich ver­ste­he nur den kom­plet­ten Mit­tel­teil nicht.

  2. Michael Reuter says:

    @Alexander Beck­er
    Wie man bei I Learned Today mit­machen kann, habe ich nochmals etwas aus­führlich­er in einem neuen Blog­beitrag http://www.michaelreuter.org/2008/10/i‑learned-tod‑1.html dargestellt. Ist es jetzt bess­er ver­ständlich?

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