I Learned Today

Screenshot_13Over this wonderful, relaxing weekend I had the idea of a site full of new ideas and learnings. Imagine everyone who learns something during the day tweets it on twitter, adds the hashtag #ilt and contributes to an aggregation of fantastic new ideas and everyday learnings!

Not being a developer (not even able to develop twitter bots) I had to help myself and find a workaround to implement that idea. Ok – registered a new twitter account ILT (I Learned Today) and the matching URL.

Now – if anyone of you is interested to contribute to that small project – feel free to (open a twitter account,) follow ILT and add your daily learnings followed by the hashtag #ilt. All your tweets will then be aggregated on ilt.me. Would love to read your tweets!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Die Idee ist super. Ich verstehe nur den kompletten Mittelteil nicht.

  2. @Alexander Becker
    Wie man bei I Learned Today mitmachen kann, habe ich nochmals etwas ausführlicher in einem neuen Blogbeitrag http://www.michaelreuter.org/2008/10/i-learned-tod-1.html dargestellt. Ist es jetzt besser verständlich?

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