Optimism is the new Courage — 5 survival tips

Today I stum­bled upon a great piece on how to cope with the eco­nom­i­cal cri­sis. I total­ly agree with Diego’s sur­vival tips — they speak for them­selves:

  1. Opti­mism ground­ed in real­i­ty is the key. Under­stand the ver­i­ties and take real­is­tic risks. With­out opti­mism and risk-taking, there is no hope of design­ing a recov­ery.
  2. Plan and reduce the sec­ondary risks so you can make the big ones. Do that extra research, that fifth pro­to­type.
  3. Save your cash for the impor­tant stuff. Sur­viv­ing is “expen­sive” in this envi­ron­ment. Cash is lifeblood.
  4. Land­ing deter­mines pros­per­i­ty. After sur­vival comes—-what? Land­ing your career, com­pa­ny, nation in a posi­tion to do well in the future. Watch that land­ing while you’re sur­viv­ing.
  5. Dress for suc­cess. Put opti­mistic “cloth­ing” on your­self and your brand (often the same thing but not always). Look good, even if you’re quak­ing.

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