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Internet fir Peace Manifesto 

Today I got an email from Wired Italy editor Mario Portanova who informed me about the new Internet for Peace Manifesto of Wired Italy, started by the editor-in-chief, Riccardo Luna.

If a non-persona deserves the Nobel Peace Prize it certainly is the Internet. You might say: "Hey, what about Tim Berners-Lee?" and yes – Tim, as the father of the Web, probably should receive the prize – if that happened at all.

So – here's the text of the manifesto – the original Italian version and translations into English and German:


At last, we have all understood that the Internet is not just a network of  computers but an endless chain of people interlocked with one another.

Men and women, at all latitudes, are able to connected amongst themselves, in virtue of the biggest stage and platform of relationships mankind has known.

The digital culture, to which humanity has now woken up, has set the basis for a new type of civilization, that in turn has given rise to dialogue, debate and solidarity, thanks to this new tool of communication.

From times immemorial, democracy has flourished in conditions of hospitality, tolerance, exchange and a spirit of sharing. The most effective antidote to war and hatred has forever been the meeting of minds and souls.

Here’s why the Internet is an instrument of peace.                                                                    
Because each cybercitizen can become a seed of non-violence. 

Just a few reasons why the Internet deserves the next Nobel Peace Prize.        
A Nobel that will be awarded to each one of Us!



Wir haben endlich begriffen, dass das Internet kein Netzwerk von Computern, sondern eine endlose Verflechtung der Menschen ist.

Männer und Frauen, auf allen Breitengraden, treten miteinander über die größte Plattform der Beziehung, die die Menschheit je hatte, in Verbindung.

Die digitale Kultur hat den Grundstein für eine neue Zivilisation geschaffen. Und diese Zivilisation baut den Dialektik, den Dialog und die Solidarität durch Kommunikation.

Denn Demokratie sprießt seit jeher, wo es Willkommen, Zuhören, Austausch und gemeinsame Nutzung gibt. Gegen Hass und Konflikte ist immer wieder die Kommunikation mit dem anderen das wirksamste Gegenmittel.

Deshalb ist das Internet ein Instrument des Friedens.                                                                

Deshalb kann jeder von uns im Netz ein Samen der Gewaltlosigkeit sein.

Deswegen verdient das Netzwerk den nächsten Friedensnobelpreis.

Jeder von uns wird einen Nobelpreis erhalten.



Abbiamo finalmente capito che Internet non è
una rete di computer, ma un intreccio infinito di persone.

Uomini e donne, a tutte le latitudini, si
connettono tra loro, attraverso la più grande piattaforma di relazione che
l’umanità abbia mai avuto.

La cultura digitale ha creato le fondamenta
per una nuova civiltà. E questa civiltà sta costruendo la dialettica, il
confronto e la solidarietà attraverso la comunicazione.

Perché da sempre la democrazia germoglia dove
c’è accoglienza, ascolto, scambio e condivisione. E da sempre l’incontro con
l’altro è l’antidoto più efficace all’odio e al conflitto.

Ecco perché Internet è strumento di pace.

Ecco perché ciascuno di noi in rete può essere
un seme di non violenza.

Ecco perché la Rete merita il prossimo Nobel
per la pace.

E sarà un Nobel dato anche a ciascuno di noi.

Ambassadors of Internet for Peace Manifesto

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