Win a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition!

windows 7 ultimate Some time ago I became the owner of a Windows 7 Ultimate Edition DVD. Since I use Macs only this superb operating system software should not stay with me (it doesn't get any better). I'll give this DVD away to one of the first 100 retweeters of this post.

How to win this Windows 7 Ultimate Edition

1. Follow me @michaelreuter on Twitter.

2. Retweet this blog post.

3. I'll pick one of the first 100 retweeters (in a totally democratic and fair selection process, guaranteed 😉 and send him (or her) the DVD.

If your trigger finger is too slow to net you a slot in the first 100, you can still keep following @michaelreuter and read some more or less interesting musings on media and other trivia.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Richard says:

    Did I make it within the first 100? 😉

  2. Zehra says:

    Mist! Ausgerechnet jetzt, wo ich mir eine 1wöchige Twitterpause auferlegt habe. Arrrrrgh

  3. Hans says:

    Ich verschenke Ubuntu ISOs. Jeder bekommt soviele er/sie will.

  4. Jaydee says:

    wish I am the one you whom you gave me your windows 7…
    any lets go with your next contest! 🙂

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