Before I die.… — Bevor ich sterbe…

Ein stark­er Text des 2008 mit 87 Jahren ver­stor­be­nen Edmund N. Car­pen­ter über den Sin des Lebens. Car­pen­ter schrieb den Text als 17-Jähriger. Eine Leseempfehlung.

It may seem very strange to the read­er that one of my ten­der age should already be think­ing about that inevitable end to which even the paths of glory lead. How­ev­er, this essay is not real­ly con­cerned with death, but rather with life, my future life. I have set down here the things which I, at this age, believe essen­tial to hap­pi­ness and com­plete enjoy­ment of life. Some of them will doubt­less seem very odd to the read­er; oth­ers will per­haps be com­plete­ly in accord with his own wish­es. At any rate, they com­pose a syn­op­sis of the things which I sin­cere­ly desire to have done before I leave this world and pass on to the life here­after or to obliv­ion.

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