Flying the Parrot Drone — and crashing it…

The Par­rot AR.Drone is a four-propellered fly­ing machine. It fea­tures two cam­eras, which enable the Drone to “see” via a Wifi con­nec­tion. They also are able to help con­trol the gadget’s speed and alti­tude. All of this is pow­ered by the AR.Drone’s on-board com­put­er, based on the Linux OS. More details on the Parrot’s Face­book page.

The Drone will be con­trol­lable via an iPhone app – and read this care­ful­ly: c o n t r o l l a b l e – not con­trolled – as you will see in this demo! Imag­ine you buy two of them – the retail price is rumored to be less than $400 – and you start air-attacking your son! That’s the per­fect Father-and- Son game! Can’t wait to see it fly­ing…..

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