Hack Schooling – A Better Education Model For Our Kids?

If you are a parent of school kids like me you’re most probably wondering whether this kind of schooling is the best possible way of education. Most of us would agree that there’s a lot of improvement potential in nowadays western school systems. Ok, there are private schools – but, in most cases they are expensive and – at least in Germany – the educated contents have to be exactly the ones defined by governmental bodies, federal state wide so-called curriculums.

Most of my friends would agree that today schooling means to change an innocent, curious, creative human being to an indifferent, uncritical, obedient content specialist. Too harsh? Maybe. But we might agree on one thing: we all feel that our kids deserve some better schooling than they actually get. Then let’s watch this TED Talk of Logan Laplante, a 13 year-old boy who was taken out of the education system to be home schooled instead.

Fascinating, isn’t it? Whatever you might think about this “extreme” form of schooling – taking your kid out of school and do everything at home – it certainly has not harmed Logan. If you are interested to learn more about alternative schooling you might start with this talk of Dr. Ken Robinson to which Logan refers.

What are your thoughts about schooling and the actual educational system? What duo your kids think? Do you have the impression that school is preparing them in a good way for their adult lives?

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