Just Do It!

If I want to drink something, I do it.
If I want to go to bed, I do it.
If I want to listen to the music, I do it.
If I want to go out for dinner, I do it.
if I want to see my friends, I do it.
If I want to play a backhand topspin, I do it.
If I want to launch a new website, I do it.
If I want to start a new company, I do it.
If I want to avoid insolvency, I do it.
If I want to persuade a high-potential to join my company, I do it.
If I want to canvas a Fortune 500 company as a customer, I do it.
If I want to persuade an investor to finance my company, I do it.
If I want to sell my company, I do it.

This is my advice to start-up founders. The essence of that is a mixture of risk aggressiveness, a passion (for sales) and resilience what makes a successful entrepreneur. Unless you have built firms and developed them into some kind of exits, you might not agree or add many other abilities, such as an elite university pedigree, a certain special expertise, etc. Sure, that can help but it’s not sufficient.

You got to just do it.

You can’t afford to use subjunctives and cite any potentially negative external conditions preventing you from becoming a successful entrepreneur. You can and maybe you should participate in mentoring programs that help you to learn about startup essentials. After all, I have been a mentor in the Founder Institute for years. Although I love working with curious, eager startup folks, investing their evening hours and weekends to escape from their nine-to-five jobs,  too often my fellow co-mentors and I realize that startuppers expect getting answers to their questions from the outside; i.e. from us mentors, start-up-related books or university lectures. As if studying a manual before starting the engine, many aspiring entrepreneurs try to learn as much as they can before the jump the ship and actually start doing something.

I don’t want to compare myself with him by any means, but there is this legend of Buddha giving a silent sermon, just holding a flower. Finally, one monk in the audience broke out in laughter. He had got the message.
Same here: you’re in a business, when you’re in a business. It’s not about learning or copying („from the best“) but it’s all about doing things. And doing things again, after that wasn’t enough. Doing things in an entrepreneurial way means,

  1. stop talking about them but start doing them,
  2. doing things you have never done before and that seem to be quite risky,
  3. doing things because you really want to do them (more than anything else), and
  4. doing things again and again, if necessary.

If I want to drink something, I do it.
If I want to sell my company, I do it.

And you can, too! Just imagine yourself being the “I” in the sentences above.
PS: If you want to launch a fully-functional humanitarian Blockchain project in Jordan in less than 4 months, just do it!

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