First things first — How to overcome the Oil Spill

We want: Freedom from Porn

…more to come on

Congrats to my friend, journalist and colleague Richard Gutjahr!

Video: Richard Gut­jahr from and the very first iPad The orig­i­nal plan was to become a part of the hard­core Apple Fan­boys queu­ing up in front of Apple’s 5th Avenue Flag­ship Store and do some authen­tic blog­ging right from the street. Then, Richard, who pre-ordered his own iPad a week before, was advanced by an Apple store man­ag­er and he was told that he would be the very first per­son get­ting his

RICHARD J. GOODYEAR — A man has a dream

Rocking Michaelangelo — Hold Your Horses

70 Mil­lion by Hold Your Hors­es ! from L’O­gre on Vimeo.

Mobile Social Media Apps — Das Thema des Münchner Mobile Monday am 22.3.2010

Thomas Pfeif­fer aka @codeispoetry und ich wer­den am Mon­tag etwas über Social Media Apps für den Mobil­funkbere­ich erzählen. Das Ganze find­et auf dem Nock­her­berg statt — bekan­nt durch den Stark­bier­anstich durch Bürg­er­meis­ter Ude. Bin ges­pan­nt, ob wir eine ähn­liche Stim­mung erzeu­gen wer­den 😉

Would you miss a Champions League Match of your favorite soccer team?

The beer brew­er Heineken could make you miss the Cham­pi­ons League match of your favourite soc­cer team, could­n’t they?

Some Bullshit happens Somewhere

Break­ing News: Some Bull­shit Hap­pen­ing Some­where

The Illusion of Peace

How to: Surviving a House Fire

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