James Cameron’s Avatar App — Reviewed by appstory.tv

This is how it works:

  • only sin­gle play­er mode
  • numer­ous lev­els – many hours of game­play
  • saves cleared lev­els
  • sev­er­al check­points with­in each level
  • col­lect numer­ous weapons, armor & skills
  • strate­gic mini-games along the way

What I like about Avatar:

  • great atmos­phere: rich graphis & sound­track
  • many lev­els, long game­play
  • intu­itive con­trols

What I don’t like about Avatar:

  • no way to replay already cleared lev­els
  • ene­mies can be killed eas­i­ly by keep­ing the but­ton pressed
  • 3D graph­ics often mis­lead you regard­ing dis­tances

Avatar is definete­ly one of the bet­ter movie adap­tions. It guar­an­tees good game­play for sev­er­al hours.

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