Horst seehofer

Is Twitter broadcasting?

Munich based video pod­cast Isar­runde has applied for being accept­ed as a legit­i­mate Ger­man broad­cast­ing chan­nel with their Twit­ter chan­nel. Michael Prae­to­rius hand­ed over the the offi­cial form to Mar­tin Gebrande, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of the Bay­erische Lan­deszen­trale für Neue Medi­en BLM — a fed­er­al state media author­i­ty. The appli­ca­tion does not refer to Isar­run­de’s video or audio con­tent but to it’s Twit­ter chan­nel, exclu­sive­ly . As seen in the video, Mr Gebrande

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