Is Twitter broadcasting?

Munich based video podcast Isarrunde has applied for being accepted as a legitimate German broadcasting channel with their Twitter channel.

Michael Praetorius handed over the the official form to Martin Gebrande, Managing Director of the Bayerische Landeszentrale für Neue Medien BLM – a federal state media authority. The application does not refer to Isarrunde’s video or audio content but to it’s Twitter channel, exclusively .

As seen in the video, Mr Gebrande promised to check whether Isarrunde’s Twitter channel qualifies for a broadcasting outlet. If the BLM ratifies this application, Isarrunde will be charged a EUR 5,000 fee.
Accordingly, the BLM would have to act as a media watchdog and watch Isarrunde’s Twitter Channel closely. Should Isarrunde violate Bavaria’s broadcasting regulations, the BLM would have to take appropriate steps against Isarrunde.

The reason for Isarrunde’s application is to clarify whether Internet channels with a realtime approach have to be seen as a broadcasting programme. This had been indicated by Bavaria’s Prime Minister, Mr Horst Seehofer, who told the audience in his opening address of Medientage München, a media conference, that the internet has to be seen as broadcasting. Mr Gebrande qualified Mr Seehofer’s claim during a panel dicussion: broadcasting is a linear media  with a suggestive effect. Additionally, online outlets as web radios or webTV stations only qualify as broadcasters if they reach 500 or more users via their streams.  In consequence, Isarrunde’s Twitter channel – as well as every other Twitter channel with more than 500 followers – would qualify as a broadcaster.

By applying for the status of a broadcaster, Isarrunde fulfills its duty as a potential broadcaster.
Isarrunde is a production of Michael Praetorius, Dr. Benedikt Köhler, Michael Reuter, Christoph Elzer and Anatol Locker.

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