leo laporte

Leo Laporte — Low Cost Broadcasting

8 employ­ees, $2 mil­lion rev­enues, a low cost basis and high qual­i­ty con­tent broad­cast­ed con­tin­u­ous­ly – this is TWiT: a tech show on the Inter­net. For­mer radio anchor Leo Laporte serves tech pun­dits with audio and video con­tent, as pod­cast or live. 6 cam­eras in the TWiT cot­tage are film­ing any­thing what Leo does: a chat chan­nel with sev­er­al hun­dred par­tic­i­pants is show­ing him what peo­ple think of his show. Here we could have a new

Leo Laporte: Anekdoten zwischen Web und TV — und: wie man mit Podcasting 1,5 Mio Dollar verdient

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