Leo Laporte – Low Cost Broadcasting

8 employees, $2 million revenues, a low cost basis and high quality content broadcasted continuously – this is TWiT: a tech show on the Internet. Former radio anchor Leo Laporte serves tech pundits with audio and video content, as podcast or live. 6 cameras in the TWiT cottage are filming anything what Leo does: a chat channel with several hundred participants is showing him what people think of his show.

Here we could have a new definition of Old and New Media: Old Media would be those huge broadcast networks with complex infrastructures, massive cost bases and an aversion against change. Leo Laporte would represent New Media: lean, flexible and very fast working operations, combined with an evolutionary approach of continuous change. Or – to have it sound less like a textbook phrase: With TWiT, Leo Laporte leads a new breed of Low Cost Broadcasters.

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