Solving World Problems

It is said that a brain‘s size positively correlates with its host‘s level of intelligence. The ability of human beings to use tools in very elaborate ways, to create art or to invent and tell stories to each others, seems to prove a certain supremacy over other creatures. As long as we won‘t have discovered supernatural life, humans regard themselves as being the pride of creation. Ok, then – all


“Finishability” is a qualitative term that describes the ease of being able to screed and finish concrete. But you Can also use it in many other contexts, such as communication. If you’re equipped with a certain finishability, people will listen to you, understand you and cooperate with you. Think of finishability as an antidote to information overload, as The Economist’s Tom Standage suggests. One of the integral features of the

Does behavioral data facilitate the next quantum leap in human evolution?

What makes Homo Sapiens superior to other animals? We are weaker and slower, but our brains are 3-5 times bigger than those of our nearest species, the Orang Utans. Are the achievements of building the atomic bomb or inventing the internet the main differentiators? Of course not – what makes Homo Sapiens superior is his ability to communicate and to be social – his cultural foundation. About 300,000 years ago,

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