“Finishability” is a qualitative term that describes the ease of being able to screed and finish concrete. But you Can also use it in many other contexts, such as communication. If you’re equipped with a certain finishability, people will listen to you, understand you and cooperate with you.

Think of finishability as an antidote to information overload, as The Economist’s Tom Standage suggests. One of the integral features of the Internet are links between different contents. Linking one content to another provides the reader with more, related, deeper content – a footnote 2.0, if you want. We could not imagine an Internet without links, not as consumers or readers, and not as businesses relying on the power of links; e.g. publishers, search engines, etc.

We all click on links, lots of them, day by day. And then? After years of having clicked on evermore links, there appears this feeling of being lost, of having wasted too much time surfing, or of having clicked on links just to prevent ourselves from doing other stuff which has to be done – there he is, the procrastination demon.

What a relief if there is someone or something who / which tells us to stop clicking once more. Be it our significant other demanding quality time, or a simple search result answering a question in a way which doesn’t need further requesting. And this does not refer to simple minds only, being satisfied with simplified views they get from TV, tabloids or crackerbarrel-talks. Even the most intelligent of my friends cherish some finishability. To know there’s some end to a topic, some answer to a question, is reassuring for all of us.

For me, finishability has an even broader meaning than as an antidote to information overload. Finishability is giving meaning to things and behaviors. Finishability adds a reassuring element to a content, to an action, etc.. It helps to go on, to proceed, to reach the next level. 

People who never get this feeling of finishability will most probably have a feeling that they miss something. And they probably look for the missing thing in the next situation, and the next one. 

Finishability means to be satisfied with what I have, with what I bought or with what I just experienced. You might argue that what I bought, saw, experienced had to entail finishability, otherwise I could not see it. For me, this is a question of my personal presence: If I “see” finishability in things and actions, I can go on and proceed to the next level. It’s me who decides about the finishability of things and actions, not somebody else.

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