Why It’s Important To Know That Sensing And Perceiving Are Plastic

Thanks to neuroscience research, we today know that we don‘t exclusively absorb culture through univerally shared, standard issue, human perceptual equipment, but culture determines what we can and can‘t perceive. Our functional cognitive architectures are changed by the culture we live in. The impact of this so-called perceptual learning is bigger than most of us imagine. Not only literacy and language, but also such fundamental brain activities, such as sight

The Beauty Of Snow

During winter, it sometimes snows in Germany, even in climate change-raddled 21st century. In the first weeks of January 2019, we are experiencing heavy snowfalls – a weather condition that results in a variety of effects, from the impossibility to bike to work, over flight cancellations or accidents. to snowball fights and deep powder skiing. Weather is a phenomenon beyond the reach of human beings. It is broadly predictable but

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