User Generated History

Today in a Ger­man week­ly: The author scoffs at Web 2.0, Inter­net start-ups in gen­er­al and these User Gen­er­at­ed His­to­ry sites like miomi, mem­o­loop, xakasha or einestages in par­tic­u­lar. In Ger­many inter­net entre­pre­neur bash­ing is en vogue at most times. Media fan­cies itself as the wise coun­cil hav­ing it all known long before.

But — think a moment: User Gen­er­at­ed His­to­ry is it. It real­ly makes me cry not hav­ing launched one of these sites before. Did­n’t we all have this idea? This is the ulti­ma­tive long tail appli­ca­tion! Or do I miss some­thing?

If it only were easy enough to use. If users of dif­fer­ent gen­er­a­tions would love and there­fore use such an appli­ca­tion. Per­haps there still is plen­ty of space for a new User Gen­er­at­ed His­to­ry Com­mu­ni­ty!?

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