Predictably Irrational

Irrational From the amazon synopsis:

Why do smart people make irrational decisions every day? The answers will surprise you. Predictably Irrational is an intriguing, witty and utterly original look at why we all make illogical decisions. Why can a 50p aspirin do what a 5p aspirin can’t? If an item is “free” it must be a bargain, right? Why is everything relative, even when it shouldn’t be? How do our expectations influence our actual opinions and decisions?

I have not finished this book yet but it definetely is one of the best books I’ve read for a long time. Dan Ariely clearly has opened my eyes: Hitherto I used not to understand intelligent people behaving themselves irrationally – like Venture Capitalists asking for profitability on one day and for reach only the other day (it’s just an example 😉

Now I comprehend those irrational behaviours as ‘the way it is’ (=predictably). Irrationality is not a deficiency or even a problem – no: it is a big part of the everyday life. You may declare this a trite insight but for me it was like an epiphany. Call it naive – I’ve learned a lot.

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  1. lukas says:

    danke für den tipp michael.
    gekauft, gelesen, fasziniert

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