Who needs People Search Engines?

For a few years ver­ti­cal search engines have been appear­ing, like trav­el or prop­er­ty search engines. With in 2006 found­ed spock or its Ger­man ver­sions yasni and 123people there are peo­ple search engines promis­ing “to find every­one you know on the Inter­net”.

Who needs that if there is Google? What is the USP of peo­ple search engines? I have tried hard to find the benefit(s) of peo­ple search but I did­n’t. Does any­body have an answer?

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  1. Christoph says:

    I guess the most suit­able appli­ca­tion for this kind of ver­ti­cal search is some way of reputation-management (as pro­vid­ed by myonID), enabling social-recommendation-networks. As for pages like spokeo.com (which I pre­fer) the engine enables you to stay updat­ed about the social-network-activities of peo­ple you know (or you sim­ply know the email-address of) — the main USP seems to be the stalking-aspect of it 😉

  2. Andre says:

    Hi Christoph, exayt­ly my opin­ion. myOn-ID is the more clever way to man­age all your con­tent around in thr web and to use social net­work for recon­m­men­da­tion. By the way myON-ID also offers a search engine for peo­ple as this is your start­ing point for your per­son­al online rec­om­men­da­tion tour. check it out

  3. Christoph says:

    don’t get me wrong, what I was­n’t say­ing is, that I do actu­al­ly like the ser­vice of myonid, I sim­ply know that it exist — and to be com­plete­ly hon­est, I don’t even use myonid for cer­tain rea­sons 😉

  4. Martin Helman says:

    Yes, you have google.
    But what about peo­ple, who can­not han­dle this search engine and don´t know how to surf into mil­lions of very well search engine opti­mized web­sites.
    Some peo­ple don´t know how to cus­tomize google and when you have luck to find a forum in the first hits, then you can ask how to find, what you are real­ly search­ing for.
    90% the answere is: “Try google search”
    And thats were the cir­cle ist clos­ing.
    Human Search Engines are for peo­ple, that have no idea how to search the inter­net.

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