Companies, Social Norms and Market Norms

We live in two worlds – one characterized by social norms and the other by market exchanges or norms. Therfore many of us do not hesitate to work for free but would not do the same work for a few bucks.

Companies are trying to market themselves as social companions (=social norms), offering to be the helping hand in a difficult situation – typically banks, offering the greatest loans. But when the weather changes or there is a problem with the offered service those companions turn away faster than you can imagine. Companies immediately switch to market norms by demanding fees for use of their helpdesk, declare themselves being “not responsible” for the problem, etc.

Why is it that companies do not understand that the switch from social norms to market norms is one people do not approve? Why do companies think that customers would condone these changed behaviours and be still satisfied customers? Is there no consultancy teaching that stuff?

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