News Curation in the Social Media Newsroom on YiGG

Inspired by Robert’s blog­post on news cura­tion we’ve start­ed this exper­i­ment. With YiGG we’ve been pro­vid­ing a Social News Plat­form since 2006, where news-addicted users have been read­ing, adding, com­ment­ing on and rec­om­mend­ing news. 

Some of Robert’s ideas we’ve imple­ment­ed already, oth­ers we haven’t yet. As always, the eas­i­est thing for us would be to devel­op this “cura­tion thing” step-by-step — fol­low­ing the seven ‘needs’ he described in his post.

For us man­age­ment of news always has been and most like­ly will be a smooth com­bi­na­tion of algo­rithms and user behav­iour. Today, 5 days after our first dis­cus­sion, we’ve launched the first step: the Social Media News­room SMN. Being a part of the well known Welts­pi­on, the SMN shows those news sto­ries peo­ple care about most — on the Inter­nets out­side of YiGG (as you will see, we show sto­ries in Eng­lish and Ger­man lan­guage).

With 2 clicks users can tweet these sto­ries or add them to YiGG Neueste Nachricht­en and to their accounts, respec­tive­ly. This part of the SMN is the algo­rith­mic one. 


Anoth­er part of the SMN is the user gen­er­at­ed one: by adding a “tip @yigg” to any tweet, users can send news URLs to YiGG. If those URLs belong to known and trust­ed sources, sto­ries will be added to Neueste Nachricht­en, auto­mat­i­cal­ly. If those domains are unkown, they appear as user rec­om­men­da­tions in the SMN and can be aded man­u­al­ly. The YiGG team will check those sources and add them to the pool of trust­ed URLs. By tip­ping YiGG, users can influ­ence the stream of news shown on YiGG!

Next steps will focus on the story detail page. Now the detail page con­cen­trates on a story — we’ll allow more users to edit a story detail page to turn it more into a topic detail page. This means we’ll mod­i­fy our story con­cept from “user cen­tric” (i.e. the user owns the story) to “story or topic cen­tric” (all users can curate and enrich sto­ries).

As always we love to read your feed­back!

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