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Many of us complain about information overkill these days. Others – one of them is me – reply with: There's no information overload, there's just selection failure.

Anyway – those of us in the news business are trying to find ways to ease the daily consumption of news for the user by ranking, weighing, recommending etc. At YiGG we have launched the project 'worldspy' with that goal exactly: we try to 'detect' relevance of news we find in the world wide web and display those relevant stories to our users who, adding their individual tastes (recommendations, comments, etc.), again curate those stories.

Bottom line: our approach is a combined effort of both, algorithm and user generated relevance. First two day's results are promising – we're really looking forward comparing the results with the user generated only alternative we had before!

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Hier eine Auswahl an allgemeinverständlich verfassten, von uns gelesenen und empfohlenen Büchern über die Neuprogrammierung von Körper und Geist:

Neustart im Kopf: Wie sich unser Gehirn selbst repariert, Norman Doidge

Rewire Your Brain , John B. Arden

The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge

The Body Builders, Adam Piore

Der Ernährungskompass, Bas Kast

The Way We Eat Now, Bee Wilson

Dein Gehirn weiss mehr als Du denkst, Niels Birbaumer

Mindfulness, Ellen J. Langer

Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani

Alt werden ohne alt zu sein, Rudi Westendorp

Altered Traits, Daniel Coleman, Richard Davidson

The Brain’s Way Of Healing, Norman Doidge

The Last Best Cure, Donna Jackson Nakazawa

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust, John Coates

The Inner Game of Tennis, W. Timothy Gallway

Running Lean, Ash Maurya

Schlaf wirkt Wunder, Hans-Günther Weeß

Sleep – Schlafen wie die Profis, Nick Littlehales

Zusätzlich empfehlen wir das Interview mit Dr. Norman Doidge
How the brain heals


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