Finding Relevant News


Many of us com­plain about infor­ma­tion overkill these days. Oth­ers — one of them is me — reply with: There’s no infor­ma­tion over­load, there’s just selec­tion fail­ure.

Any­way — those of us in the news busi­ness are try­ing to find ways to ease the daily con­sump­tion of news for the user by rank­ing, weigh­ing, rec­om­mend­ing etc. At YiGG we have launched the project ‘world­spy’ with that goal exact­ly: we try to ‘detect’ rel­e­vance of news we find in the world wide web and dis­play those rel­e­vant sto­ries to our users who, adding their indi­vid­ual tastes (rec­om­men­da­tions, com­ments, etc.), again curate those sto­ries.

Bot­tom line: our approach is a com­bined effort of both, algo­rithm and user gen­er­at­ed rel­e­vance. First two day’s results are promis­ing — we’re real­ly look­ing for­ward com­par­ing the results with the user gen­er­at­ed only alter­na­tive we had before!

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