DAO — Brainstorming On Decentralised Autonomous Organisations

Ideas are cheap — most of them not worth a sec­ond thought. Approach­ing a short East­er break in times of Coro­n­avirus — what could be bet­ter than brain­storm­ing on some ideas lying around. That said, I invite you to col­lab­o­rate and com­ment on this brain fod­der: DAO — Brain­storm­ing On Decen­tralised Autonomous Organ­i­sa­tions.

DAO is a Decen­tralised Autonomous Organ­i­sa­tion — a net­work com­prised of sev­er­al, if not many, indi­vid­ual enti­ties — or: nodes — that have agreed on work­ing togeth­er on some spe­cif­ic pur­pose. The basis for their work is a set of rules, a so-called gov­er­nance model. This gov­er­nance model not only defines the rules and process­es of the DAO but also comes with an imple­ment­ed incen­tiviza­tion scheme that incen­tivizes each node to active­ly par­tic­i­pate in the net­work.

DAO — Brain­storm­ing On Decen­tralised Autonomous Organ­i­sa­tions

As of 2020, there are sev­er­al blockchain pro­to­cols pro­vid­ing soft­ware and gov­er­nance to cre­ate DAOs. My goal for today is to get your feed­back on the below men­tioned spe­cif­ic DAO ideas — or: appli­ca­tions if you will.


Decen­tralised Autonomous Request for Ten­der

  • There is a Request for Ten­der RFT process
  • A smart con­tract defines the com­plete RFT process 
  • All par­tic­i­pants are pro­vid­ed with user inter­faces for input and out­put of their respec­tive data
  • Approval cri­te­ria for each step of the process are pro­grammed in the smart con­tract that auto­mat­i­cal­ly decides about reach­ing the next step for each par­tic­i­pant
  • Finan­cial trans­ac­tions due to indi­vid­ual steps of the process are auto­mat­i­cal­ly trig­gered and pay­ments are sent to the par­tic­i­pants
  • After the final round, the win­ner is select­ed based on the approval rates received in each round
  • The win­ner receives the pay­ment and a brief­ing for the first mile­stone


Decen­tralised Autonomous Com­mu­ni­ca­tions

  • There are con­tent own­ers with the need to com­mu­ni­cate their con­tents
  • Con­tent own­ers use the DACOMMS to decen­tral­ize their com­mu­ni­ca­tions
  • Con­tent own­ers pub­lish a job; i.e. con­tent they want to be com­mu­ni­cat­ed, incl. a bud­get (metrics-based, e.g.number of redi­rect­ed vis­i­tors, leads, etc.)
  • Poten­tial com­mu­ni­ca­tors apply for this job by pro­vid­ing their cre­den­tials; i.e. brand, web­site, Online/Social Media reach (based on pub­lic met­rics pro­vid­ed by respec­tive ser­vices)
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tors are select­ed based on the cri­te­ria pro­grammed in the smart con­tract ini­tial­ly pro­vid­ed by the con­tent owner
  • The job is opened to every com­mu­ni­ca­tor meet­ing the require­ments described in the smart con­tract
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tors start with their work and report the results back to the smart con­tract
  • The job ends as soon as the bud­get is con­sumed
  • Com­mu­ni­ca­tors auto­mat­i­cal­ly receive pay­ments accord­ing to their per­for­mances

These are two very basic ideas around DAOs. I have not thought them through in detail, yet. Please tell me what you think about these DAO ideas. Do you feel that I bet­ter should for­get about them, or do you think both ideas or one of them should be worked on? Then let’s col­lab­o­rate

Thank you for your feed­back!

4 Replies to “DAO — Brainstorming On Decentralised Autonomous Organisations”

  1. Philipp says:

    I like the DARFT idea. That should make sense for large orgs.

  2. Florian says:

    Hi Michael, here is a thought to extend the DARFT idea. Does it make sense to com­bine RFT process with a DAO vot­ing option for dif­fer­ent ten­der setup options and maybe anoth­er DAO vot­ing in the final round? Cheers Flo­ri­an

    • michaelreuter says:

      thank you for this input. I def­i­nite­ly makes sense to add “real decen­tral­i­sa­tion” aspects to an oth­er­wise more business- or organisation-targeted approach.

      Think­ing project-wise, I’d add this aspect rather later than soon­er since my expe­ri­ence with organ­i­sa­tions tells me they need to accom­mo­date to inno­va­tions and there is a lot of work to be done in order to cross the chasm https://michaelreuter.org/2019/01/05/crossing-the-chasm-building-bridges-to-close-the-gap/

      Thanks again and have a nice week­end

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