Italian-style Starbucks

One very offline business idea came into my mind:
You all know Starbucks. Starbucks entered a overcrowded market (you got your coffee nearly everywhere) with a commodity product (coffee). The result: they are exremely successfull and are running 13.000+ stores worldwide.

In Europe, especially in Germany, Italian food is ubiquitous – here in Munich we have hundreds of little pizza restaurants and Italian coffee bars. I think it’s time for an Italian-style Starbucks: restaurants-cum-takeaways with some cold and warm Italian food, a decent selection of wines and espressi. You could even place them at the Autobahn – since there are thousends of drivers not willing to order the standard burger but looking for their Italian (!) bruschetta. In Munich we have a small group of 4 stores called Garibaldi. Highly priced they could attract a multiple of guests with 20% lower prices for good tasting food in – 20 stores.

Anyone out there to discuss that idea?

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