Italian-style Starbucks

One very offline busi­ness idea came into my mind:
You all know Star­bucks. Star­bucks entered a over­crowd­ed mar­ket (you got your cof­fee near­ly every­where) with a com­mod­i­ty prod­uct (cof­fee). The result: they are extreme­ly suc­cess­ful and are run­ning 13.000+ stores world­wide.

In Europe, espe­cial­ly in Ger­many, Ital­ian food is ubiq­ui­tous — here in Munich we have hun­dreds of lit­tle pizza restau­rants and Ital­ian cof­fee bars. I think it’s time for an Italian-style Star­bucks: restaurants-cum-takeaways with some cold and warm Ital­ian food, a decent selec­tion of wines and espres­si. You could even place them at the Auto­bahn — since there are thou­sands of dri­vers not will­ing to order the stan­dard burg­er but look­ing for their Ital­ian (!) bruschet­ta. In Munich we have a small group of 4 stores called Garibal­di. High­ly priced they could attract a mul­ti­ple of guests with 20% lower prices for good tast­ing food in — 20 stores.

Any­one out there to dis­cuss that idea?

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