A Day at the Datacenter

Today we spent a few hours in our dat­a­cen­ter in Frank­furt. What does a dat­a­cen­ter loook like? In my younger years I imag­ined a dat­a­cen­ter a huge cool and clean area with the size of a soc­cer field. Today, or with the eyes of a 38 year-old, a dat­a­cen­ter more looks like an over­heat­ed room full of noise and nar­row cor­ri­dors, where some slop­py sysad­mins left their remains of servers pack­ag­ing.

Our dat­a­cen­ter is sit­u­at­ed in the heart of the Frank­furt finan­cial dis­trict, oppo­site to the Frank­furt Stock Exchange and direct­ly below the Ger­man head­quar­ters of the invest­ment bank Roth­schild. Does­n’t sound that bad, does it? But enter­ing the room you might be slight­ly dis­ap­point­ed, because you start to rec­og­nize that Ger­many’s hottest online des­ti­na­tions are host­ed in a lowly, noisy, stuffy room 😉

That was it — my day in our dat­a­cen­ter.

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