A Day at the Datacenter

Dscf1571_4Today we spent a few hours in our datacenter in Frankfurt. What does a datacenter loook like? In my younger years I imagined a datacenter a huge cool and clean area with the size of a soccer field. Today, or with the eyes of a 38 year-old, a datacenter more looks like an overheated room full of noise and narrow corridors, where some sloppy sysadmins left their remains of servers packaging.

Our datacenter is situated in the heart of the Frankfurt financial district, opposite to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and directly below the German headquarters of the investment bank Rothschild. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? But entering the room you might be slightly disappointed, because you start to recognize that Germany’s hottest online destinations are hosted in a lowly, noisy, stuffy room 😉

That was it – my day in our datacenter.

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