In Economic Downturn: Look forward

There’s a lot of gloomsaying these days – not only in the banking scene or at Wall Street. The internet, web 2.0 and all new start-up business model seem – again – to be on a knife-edge. VCs are mulling over high evaluations – start-ups are being told (again) to become more humble. Since it’s always easy to join the club of doomsayers at the right time the ‘Look-Forward-post’ of Fred Wilson should be seen as today’s highlight. Fred encourages us to

assess what is working and what is not working in your business or your portfolio. Focus on the basics. Keep your costs down. Finance your company (or companies) intelligently and most importantly with money that will be around when you are no longer the high flyer darling of Techcrunch.
But don’t look backward for the right model to follow. Look forward.

Thanks, Fred.

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