In Economic Downturn: Look forward

There’s a lot of gloom­say­ing these days — not only in the bank­ing scene or at Wall Street. The inter­net, web 2.0 and all new start-up busi­ness model seem — again — to be on a knife-edge. VCs are mulling over high eval­u­a­tions — start-ups are being told (again) to become more hum­ble. Since it’s always easy to join the club of doom­say­ers at the right time the ‘Look-Forward-post’ of Fred Wil­son should be seen as today’s high­light. Fred encour­ages us to

assess what is work­ing and what is not work­ing in your busi­ness or your port­fo­lio. Focus on the basics. Keep your costs down. Finance your com­pa­ny (or com­pa­nies) intel­li­gent­ly and most impor­tant­ly with money that will be around when you are no longer the high flyer dar­ling of Techcrunch.
But don’t look back­ward for the right model to fol­low. Look for­ward.

Thanks, Fred.

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