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A Blind Man Should Not Judge Colors

In countries with a high affinity for soccer, there usually live as many soccer coaches as there are male inhabitants above 6 years. They watch the game and feel inclined as well as empowered not only to criticise but to come up with smashing proposals for enhancement.  We find the same behavior in other areas, such as business: imagine you work in the marketing department and you’ve just come up


“Finishability” is a qualitative term that describes the ease of being able to screed and finish concrete. But you Can also use it in many other contexts, such as communication. If you’re equipped with a certain finishability, people will listen to you, understand you and cooperate with you. Think of finishability as an antidote to information overload, as The Economist’s Tom Standage suggests. One of the integral features of the

Dropping Expectations

We tend to start any interaction with our fellow co-humans based on certain expectations. This is true especially for long-term private relationships as well as for business environments. What would happen if we dropped our expectations and interacted without any Interpretation of our counterpart’s reactions? Starting from my personal experiences, I suggest to skip any specific expectation regarding the reaction of your conversational partner for a week or so, be

Does behavioral data facilitate the next quantum leap in human evolution?

What makes Homo Sapiens superior to other animals? We are weaker and slower, but our brains are 3-5 times bigger than those of our nearest species, the Orang Utans. Are the achievements of building the atomic bomb or inventing the internet the main differentiators? Of course not – what makes Homo Sapiens superior is his ability to communicate and to be social – his cultural foundation. About 300,000 years ago,

Data Consciousness – Managing Your Life Line

I am convinced that in the next few years, we will run every aspect of our lives in a fundamentally different way than we have done before. We’re going to do that because …. it’s possible. We will manage every aspect of our lives based on our own data which we will be aware of for the first time in history. In order to maximize our convenience in dealing with

If You Understand, You Don't

Often, I hear people say to one another: “Yes, I understand.” This phrase can be heard in private as well as in business conversations and every time I ask myself if people reflect about what they just said. From a neurological perspective, to understand something means to match that with what is already known by a human being. If you tell me that something has happened because the earth moves

The unpleasant discusssion

Today, I had a quite strange and unpleasant discussion. It was about business strategy and sales, and the both of us differed quite clearly in our views on how to ‘do it right’. I wasn’t in the best mood, and from my perspective, the other guy behaved in an egoistic, slightly arrogant and selfish manner. He used typical killer terms, such as “totally clear” or “as I’ve always been saying”

The Person You Don't Like

There is this person you don’t like. You don’t really know her but she behaves in a way which reminds you of your Latin teacher, she’s this tall, over-dressed, SUV-armed hectic housewife type of a woman and although you cross her paths quite often she does not even to have taken notice of you. We all have at least one or a few individuals we not only ignore but we

From New Year's Resolutions To New Day's Resolutions

When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions, there generally are two fractions: most of us make their resolutions on December, 31, and stick to them at least for a few days or weeks. Others deny any positive aspects of these resolutions since people don’t stick to them, anyway. There are numerous scientific approaches of setting goals – even data-driven ones – and some of them even suggest that making resolutions

Clean up your shit

I’ve just started reading „The Hard Thing About Hard Things“, a book about personal experiences building startups by Ben Horowitz, well-known to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as a partner of Marc Andressen at a16z. It’s the best business-related book I’ve read for a long time. Although on a different level, I have experienced pretty much the same as Ben has: the ups and – even more often and more distinct


Hier eine Auswahl an allgemeinverständlich verfassten, von uns gelesenen und empfohlenen Büchern über die Neuprogrammierung von Körper und Geist:

Neustart im Kopf: Wie sich unser Gehirn selbst repariert, Norman Doidge

Rewire Your Brain , John B. Arden

The Brain That Changes Itself, Norman Doidge

The Body Builders, Adam Piore

Der Ernährungskompass, Bas Kast

The Way We Eat Now, Bee Wilson

Dein Gehirn weiss mehr als Du denkst, Niels Birbaumer

Mindfulness, Ellen J. Langer

Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin

The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, Vishen Lakhiani

Alt werden ohne alt zu sein, Rudi Westendorp

Altered Traits, Daniel Coleman, Richard Davidson

The Brain’s Way Of Healing, Norman Doidge

The Last Best Cure, Donna Jackson Nakazawa

The Hour Between Dog and Wolf: Risk-taking, Gut Feelings and the Biology of Boom and Bust, John Coates

The Inner Game of Tennis, W. Timothy Gallway

Running Lean, Ash Maurya

Schlaf wirkt Wunder, Hans-Günther Weeß

Sleep – Schlafen wie die Profis, Nick Littlehales

Zusätzlich empfehlen wir das Interview mit Dr. Norman Doidge
How the brain heals


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